Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Kwong Wah Hospital Occupational Therapy
30 Years of Rehabilitation Services

History and Mission

Established in 1981, the Department of Occupational Therapy of the KWH initially focused on the provision of rehabilitation therapy for orthopaedic patients. With efforts in development over the years and an increasing demand for occupational therapy from the society, our scope of services has now been expanded to include patients receiving treatment at various departments, including Department of Paediatric, Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Accident and Emergency Department, and General Out-patient Clinics. The locations of service provision have also been expanded from the hospital premises to the community and the homes of patients. These expansions in our scope of services are in line with the role and mission of occupational therapy -- to enhance physical and mental functioning, prevent injuries and illnesses, facilitate independent activities of daily living and improve quality of life of individuals with health conditions or special needs through the thoughtful selection of appropriate activities and therapeutic regimens, which facilitate their re-integration into home, work and society.

Major Rehabilitation Services

  1. Self-care and daily living assessment and training
  2. Limb function, hand function and cognitive function assessment and training
  3. Purchase and training on proper use of wheelchair and assistive devices
  4. Community occupational therapy: home visits, home modifications, social adaptation assessment and training
  5. Orthosis design and production to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery of the affected limb
  6. Pressure therapy to control scar growth
  7. Assistance in purchase of appropriate compression socks to reduce discomforts due to varicose veins
  8. Pain management: Myofascial release to relieve pain
  9. Assessment and training of perceptual motor function, hand function and writing ability combined with sensory integration therapy to enhance children’s self-care ability and functioning in play and learning
Targeted Specialised Services

Work Capacity Assessment and Training – Simulated work assessment and training to increase patients’ work capacity, together with work enhancement and referral to work re-assignment services to facilitate patients’ reintegration into the workforce

Acute Stroke Rehabilitation Programme – timely assessment and early rehabilitation training, advice on appropriate discharge or care plans, and education for family members on home-care of stroke patients

Services for Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement Patients – pre-operative assessment of physical functioning and home environment together with home modification and patient education services to facilitate patients’ post-operative self-care

COPD Home Rehabilitation Programme – instructions on daily activities, proper use of oxygen concentrators, breathing techniques and qi-gong exercise to help COPD patients improve pulmonary function, maintain self-care abilities and reduce hospitalisations.

Home Oxygen Therapy Services for Preterm Infants - feeding assessment and training for preterm infants, advice on appropriate home oxygen therapy units, instructions for parents on infant feeding and equipment use, as well as post-discharge home visits to monitor the use of home oxygen therapy for preterm infants.

Integrated Post-discharge Support Services for Elderly Patients - provision of home- or community-based assessment and training of limb function, self-care and cognitive function within 2 working days after discharge, together with home assessment and advice on appropriate home improvements/modifications and use of assistive devices to enhance elderly patients’ mobility and self-care ability, reduce caregiver burden, improve home safety and ultimately reduce re-hospitalisations

Other services include the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme, rehabilitation services for patients with upper limb cumulative trauma, lower back pain and lower limb varicose veins, occupational health and ergonomics, Hand Specialist Clinic, community geriatric assessment and outreach rehabilitation services, paediatric and infant feeding training, paediatric sleep apnoea oral maxillofacial training, Geriatric Fall Prevention Clinic, dementia assessment services, rheumatology patient education, etc.

Collaborations between Kwong Wah Hospital Occupational Therapy and the Community

We organise various basic health assessment and health education activities in collaboration with social service providers in the community. These activities, such as health talks, exhibitions and booths, equip members of the community with health knowledge as well as skills in self-monitoring of health, self-care, home exercise and patient care. Members of the community are empowered with an increased level of basic health knowledge while the above-mentioned rehabilitation services are extended in the community.