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Medical Social Work

The Patient Journey

I have unfortunately become sick. I am very worried about my work and the work of my family members. Home care? Changes in my condition? $?

I can seek help from a Medical Social Worker!

I obtain health information, support, professional evaluation, referral to community resources and other assistance. The problems faced by me and my family can be alleviated and gradually resolved.
Financial assistance, counselling, patient support groups, care arrangements

My condition has changed my life. I have joined a patient support group to learn about management of chronic disease. I also attend health talks to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and join interest groups and leisure activities to relieve stress. I have close relationships with family members. Patient support groups

I also participate in community voluntary services: Visits to elderly nursing homes, carnivals, promotion of social integration of the physically handicapped and able-bodied persons. My life has become more fulfilling.

The disease no longer causes distress for me. I have made new friends, and I serve people in need whenever I have time. My life is meaningful.
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