Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital

As its name suggests, Finance Department is responsible for all financial related management services of the Hospital. While we do not directly provide any clinical healthcare services, we are convinced that our efforts contribute to effective use of our resources for the provision of better medical services for the public.

  • remuneration management
  • account management
  • specialist costing
  • fee collection
  • specialist out-patient registration
  • coordination on Annual Plan
  • financial planning & management
  • resource allocation & management
  • financial information
Care Resources Share Harmony

Effective Use of Technology
To keep abreast with the times, we have followed the HA’s lead by introducing numerous computer systems. The new patient billing system launched in recent years provides clearer billing information and more convenient payment methods for the public. Other systems have also improved efficiency, allowing us to process fee collection for in-patient and specialist out-patient services more quickly, shorten the waiting time for the public and provide financial reports and information as soon as possible. This facilitates decision making on resource utilisation to maximise effectiveness with existing resources.

Joining Forces
In tandem with the physical and service improvements of the Hospital, Finance Department also pursues excellence by collaborating with the out-patient and administration departments to streamline and centralise registration procedures, so as to shorten the waiting time for specialist out-patient clinic.

The Way Forward
We seek to make effective use of technology and expertise to continuously improve our service with the KWH’s redevelopment, and work with all our colleagues to serve the public in the spirit of “A Century of Love”.