Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Cluster Human Resources Division

Our goal is to make use of professional knowledge in human resources to rationalise working procedures, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources administration.

As a strategic partner of the cluster management, we utilise advanced technology to deliver various services, such as online recruitment, corporate resources planning (the Human Capital Management System), establishment of a web page for Cluster Human Resources Division, and storage of applicant information on an environmentally friendly electronic platform during the interview process. Apart from manpower planning, performance management, benefits and leave management, we are also dedicated to the training of frontline supervisors for improving their capacity of dealing with human resources matters. We will continue to actively support cluster/hospital management at different levels so as to meet the objectives of the HA/cluster/hospitals.

Strategic Directions

  • Develop the function of human resources as a strategic partner of the cluster management so as to meet the service objectives of the hospitals/cluster through manpower planning, performance management, benefits and training management, etc.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources administration in support of various services of the HA/cluster/hospitals
  • Facilitate candid communication and active involvement of the staff in the working plans of the HA/cluster/hospitals
  • Help consolidate the values and conduct advocated under the HA’s New Service Culture
  • Attend to technological developments and provide modern human resources services aided by advanced technology

Kwong Wah Hospital Human Resources Department

We aim to serve our colleagues at the Kwong Wah Hospital by providing professional opinions and administrative support on human resources for the management, and enhancing staff welfare, relations and communication. Human Resources Department of KWH works closely with Cluster Human Resources Division to deliver comprehensive human resources services to various departments and colleagues. Regular communication and recreational activities are held to promote employee relations and work-life balance, and we also organise briefing sessions for new colleagues and recognition ceremonies for long-serving staff members.

KWH Long Service Award Ceremony 2018

HA Sports Meet 2018

KWH Annual Dinner 2018

HA New Year Run 2018

KWH Christmas Party 2017