Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital


Chan Feng Men Ling Cardiac Centre
The Centre, located on 4/F, East Wing, was completed in February 2006 to provide robust and comprehensive services for cardiac patients, including Cardiac Medical Unit (23 beds), Cardiac Care Unit (6 beds), Cardiac High Dependency Unit (6 beds), Cardiac Day Unit (6 beds), a Cardiac Testing Room offering various non-invasive cardiac tests, and a Seminar Room for patient education under the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme.

Professional Services

Cardiac Medical Unit
Mainly provides treatment and care for heart disease patients with more stable conditions.

Cardiac Day Unit
Cardiac monitoring equipment available for patients undergoing cardiac catheterisation test through the radial artery at the wrist. Allows same-day discharge and shortens hospitalisation for more effective utilisation of resources.

Cardiac Care Unit
Mainly provides treatment and care services for heart disease patients with acute myocardial infarction, in critical conditions or requiring mechanical ventilation.

Cardiac High Dependency Unit
Mainly provides treatment and care services for patients undergoing cardioversion and tilt testing, post-operative patients for coronary angioplasty and Cardiac Care Unit patients whose critical conditions are stabilising for more effective and proper use of Cardiac Care Unit beds.

Cardiac Care Unit and Cardiac High Dependency Unit, each providing 6 beds, are connected and run by trained cardiology staff. Both have state-of-the-art facilities to serve patients who require special treatment and care in a well-equipped setting and facilitate more effective provision of all-round treatment and care services.

The facilities include:

Integrated Cardiac Patient Monitoring System – Clinical Information System

This computerised system consolidates complex biomonitoring data and medical care records, in line with the rapid development of modern IT.

Ponta System

Integrated hanging system for biomonitoring equipment, intravenous infusion equipment, medical gases, suction system and electric sockets, etc. to save space and reduce risk for medical staff in the workspace.

Advanced Electrically-operated Beds for Cardiology

Easily operated and controlled by medical staff and patients, designed for use in various invasive testing and procedures with mobile C-arm X-ray unit, and adjustable into a chair which can be reverted to first aid position quickly in case of changes in the patients’ conditions.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme
The Programme aims to reduce recurrence and readmission of heart disease patients through continued treatment and further enhancement of their cardiac health knowledge.

Content of the Programme includes

Health Education Talks:
Patients and their family members are properly informed about heart disease so that they can develop a healthy lifestyle and bring the disease under control, improve self-confidence and self-care capacity.

Exercise Therapy:
The exercise intensity is adjusted in accordance with the patient’s conditions, changes and progress at different stages, and increased gradually to strengthen cardiac function for optimal treatment outcomes.