Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Administrative Services Division

Facility Management Department - management of maintenance work, projects, hospital space and environment, risk and energy use, as well as hospital planning and development

Health Information & Record Management and Supplies – management of hospital supplies, medical equipment, medical information and records, admission and outpatient registration, as well as corporate affairs

Supporting Services Department – centralised cleaning and delivery, linen supply, security, non-emergency patient transfer, gardening, pest control, waste handling and staff quarters management

General Administration & Corporate Affairs - media relations, external affairs, public relations and administrative affairs

Happy employees, enthusiastic attitudes and professional services are essential to customer satisfaction. We believe that service enhancements are not possible without cohesive teams. As such, our systems and training are designed towards enhancing team spirit and professionalism.

People-centred Care– a proactive approach is taken with every effort made in addressing the needs of patients and staff. For example, a Staff Quarters Management Team was established to build relationships of mutual trust and aid among colleagues while providing quality management services to support the hospital’s reconstruction and service relocation with flexibility.

Quality and Safety Management – integration of workflow and quality management together with continuous improvements and adjustments to ensure up-to-date services

Risk Management Inspections – to reduce and prevent potential occupational accidents, inspections are conducted regularly with a proactive approach to ensure a healthy and safe working environment is provided to hospital staff.

Professional Training – professional and practical training is provided to ensure services of the highest quality are provided to customers at all times.

Working Partnerships – services of the highest quality are provided to staff and patients in collaboration with external professional partners.

Professional Awards – continuous enhancements have been made to the quality of both external patient services and internal administrative management. Our outstanding performance is recognised by external professional bodies who have given us the following awards:

January 2016
Friends of the Earth – Biggest Units Saver Award (Company) 1st Runner-up

November 2015
Hospital Authority and CLP Power – Excellence in Energy Saving Award

November 2014
Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management – Excellence in Facility Management Award (Institutional & Government Properties)

February 2014
Awarded the 5 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo

February 2012
Winner of 15 awards in Yau Tsim Mong Excellence Award Scheme for Healthcare Staff

Milestone of Administrative Services Division

February 2016 The KWH recognised as a Hong Kong Green Organisation by the Environmental Campaign Committee
April 2015 Kwong Wah Building put into use. Selected administrative and support services were relocated to Kwong Wah Block of Kowloon Hospital for uninterrupted services during the reconstruction of the KWH.
February 2013 funding approved by the Finance Committee of Legislative Council for preparation work of the KWH’s reconstruction project
January 2012 the earliest (1917) admission and discharge registry of the KWH was restored for public display 96 years later
2011 Automated Registration System launched at Accident and Emergency Department
January 2009 awarded Integrated Management System (IMS) certificate
July 2008 preparation for works of the reconstruction project
2007 Automated Registration System extended to Specialist Outpatient Clinics
March 2003 frontline staff of Administrative Services Division provided full support during the atypical pneumonia (SARS) outbreak
October 1999 Hong Kong’s first Automated Registration System launched at General Outpatient Clinic
December 1995 completion of refurbishment work of hospital blocks
July 1965 Accident and Emergency Service (then known as First Aid Department) started operation at midnight on 5 July. Medical records and enquiries were handled by the Administrative Services Division.
July 1958 first reconstruction of the KWH
1943 Admission and Discharge Registry of the KWH during the Second World War
December 1931 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals established to consolidate management of 3 hospitals
1917 the earliest existing Admission and Discharge Registry dates back to 1917
October 1911 establishment of the KWH (floor plan of hospital when operation started)