Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital

Rio Olympic Games 2016

Date : 2016-08-12

Rio Olympic Games 2016 started last Friday (8 Aug 2016). It is definitely an honor for athletes to participate in the Olympic Games. The Olympic spirit means a lot more.

There were a lot of worthwhile stories from the media for us to share. For instance, a female Chinese swimmer was thrilled simply because of her own personal breakthrough rather than knowing the fact that she had won a bronze medal. Although a French gymnast broke his leg during the competition, he did not shy away from joining the next 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games when he was on his feet again after the operation for his broken leg! Salute to the attitude and spirit of these athletes!

Another interesting report was the adoption of cupping to relax the strained muscles by the athletes, including the Gold medal winner Phelps! In fact, our Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology not only provided sports injury services, but also having participated in the HA’s Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Pilot Project. The project counterpart, by using traditional Chinese Medicine treatment such as cupping, naprapathy and acupuncture, achieved promising effects helping patients to relax their muscles and relief pains.

Most of the sports injuries of our patients were found in the lower limbs, such as knees and ankles. The major causes were insufficient warm-ups before exercises, improper posture, inappropriate sports accessories or lack of experience.

Do warm-up for at least 15 minutes and prepare well before starting your exercises. In doing so, it could help lower the chance of getting injury. Stay healthy, play safe, and benefit the most from doing regular exercise!