Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital

Brand New SOPD Intelligence Queuing Management System (IQMS)

Date : 2016-07-08

Have you noticed the SOPC situated in TWGHs Tsui Tsin Tong Outpatient Building has recently dressed up new? The brand new SOPD Intelligence Queuing Management System (IQMS) has been in used since 20 June 2016. The new system is not only faster and safer, but it has also been enriched with numerous new functions which bring greater convenience to our colleagues and patients. For instance, the program offers real-time statistical reports, allowing clinical staff to easily master the patient waiting situation in clinic. Besides, the instruction and information provided to patients, no matter via tickets, screen display or announcement, are far clearer than before.

Kwong Wah Hospital is actually one of the pioneer HA hospitals to introduce queuing management system in Hong Kong. Dating back to 2000, our GOPC has already developed Automatic Registration System (ARS) for greatly shortening the registration time of patients.

Special thanks to all colleagues who took part in the design and development of the systems over the years.