Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital

Lunar New Year Activity 2016

Date : 2016-02-26

To celebrate Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival with staff, ‘Lunar New Year Activity 2016’ was held on 23nd February, 2016 (Tuesday). Activities included Tasting of Dumplings and Sweet Rice Dumplings, Lantern Riddles and Booth Games. All colleagues had an enjoyable afternoon.

It was also our pleasure to have Ms. Maisy HO, the Chairman of TWGHs Board of Directors cum the Chairman of KWH/WTSH Hospital Governing Committee, Mrs. Katherine MA, the 1st Vice-Chairman of TWGHs Board of Directors and Directors from TWGHs Board joining us that day. They also made the dumplings and sweet rice dumplings and shared the fun.

Needless to say, sweet rice dumpling had a meaning of family reunion in Chinese tradition. People also believed that the fillings of dumpling symbolized good luck and fortune in old times. Wishing all of us to be able to overcome all challenges ahead!