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Our Pharmacy Department provides medication related services to all departments in the hospital and to patients attending our hospital. The scope of service includes the procurement of pharmaceutical products from external suppliers, distribution and supply of medications to wards and clinical areas as well as dispensing of medications to patients. Our Pharmacy Department also plays a leading role in all policies and procedures relating to medication utilization in the Kwong Wah Hospital. Various quality and safety measures are in place to ensure medication usage in the hospital is rational, safe and effective. Apart from the supply of medications, we hold ourselves responsible for the provision of medication related information to facilitate clinicians and patients in obtaining maximum benefit from their drug therapies.

We also provide administrative support to the pharmacies of TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital and Li Po Chun General Outpatient Clinic.



Scope of Services

Pharmacy Services

² In-patient Pharmacy Service

² Out-patient Pharmacy Service

² Accident & Emergency Pharmacy Service

² Ward Stock Topping-up Service

² Aseptic Dispensing Service

Ø  Total Parenteral Nutrition Compounding Service

Ø  Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service

Ø  Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution Service

Ø  Epidural Anaesthesia Admixture Service

² Drug Procurement Service

² Medical Gas Supply


Clinical Pharmacy Services

² Paediatric Clinical Pharmacy Service

Trained clinical pharmacists are an integral part of the clinical team on paediatric wards. We work with clinicians in the Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Baby Unit and in the Paediatric wards to ensure the best possible therapy for the patients.


² Medication Reconciliation Service

Trained clinical pharmacists screen patient’s medications upon admission for any discrepancies before consolidating a best possible medication list. Any medication related problems are resolved by the clinical pharmacists during the patient’s hospital stay and a reconciled medication list is provided upon patient’s discharge together with bedside drug counselling.     


² Pharmacist-led Anticoagulation Clinic

A well-established Pharmacist-led Anticoagulation Clinic is run by a clinical pharmacist to ensure safe and effective management of patient’s anticoagulation therapy.


² Medication Management and Compliance Clinic

We provide medication counselling and patient education service for patients with complex drug therapy in our Medication Management and Compliance Clinic in order to improve patients’ drug compliance and maximize their drug therapy outcomes. We also provide regular patient education talks to promote the safe use of medications.







Contact us

Main Pharmacy


1/F, North Wing, Main Bloc

Service hours:

24 hours (3am – 4am service break)


In-patient service, discharge patient service, home leaves patient service. Dispensing service also for patients attending Accident & Emergency, Evening out-patient clinic and Staff clinic


3517 -7110

Out-patient Pharmacy


G/F, TWGHs Tsui Tsin Tong Out-patient Building


Service hours:

Mon - Fri    

9am – 1pm

2pm – 5pm



9am – 1pm


Sun & PH



Dispensing service for patients attending Specialist out-patient clinic and General out-patient clinic


3517- 2960