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Cornea Transplant Service in Hong Kong West Cluster

Cornea transplant service in Hong Kong West Cluster was provided by the anterior segment team of the department of Ophthalmology.
The first cornea transplant in Hong Kong West Cluster was performed in Tung Wah Hospital in 1994. Nowadays, most of the surgeries were performed in Queen Mary Hospital and Grantham Hospital. We have around 30 cornea transplant surgeries in a year.
Our department is a tertiary referral center. Patients were referred to us by doctors from the general or specialty outpatient clinic, Accidents & Emergency department or private clinic.
We work closely with the Eye Bank of Hong Kong in provision of donated cornea to our patients.
Cornea transplant was a surgery to replace the diseased cornea of the patient by a clear donated cornea. The surgery helps to restore vision, reduce eye pain and improve the appearance of the eye.
The types of cornea transplant we performed include penetrating keratoplasty, lamellar keratoplasty, endothelial keratoplasty, paediatric keratoplasty and keratoprosthesis. They can be done under local or general anaesthesia.

Penetrating Keratoplasty

This is the conventional method of cornea transplant. The surgery involves a full thickness replacement of the cornea.

It was used in diseases affecting multiple layers of the cornea such as cornea scars. The new cornea was secured in place with multiple fine stitches.

Visual recovery may take six month or longer after surgery.

Lamellar Keratoplasty

Anterior lamellar keratoplasty is indicated in disease affecting only the anterior part of the cornea such as corneal scars, keratoconus or corneal degeneration. Only the anterior part of the cornea is removed and replaced with the donated cornea.

As the posterior layer of cornea remains intact, there are fewer chance of intra-operative and post-operative complications such as iris and lens injury, corneal graft rejection and failure secondary to endothelial dysfunction.

The surgery is technically demanding and may not be able to complete. Conversion into conventional penetrating keratoplasty may be required in this situation.

Endothelial Keartoplasty

The surgery replaces only the thin posterior layer, the endothelium of cornea. It is indicated for diseases with corneal endothelial failure like Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy or pseudophakic bullous keratopathy.
Recovery is faster and visual outcome is better than penetrating keratoplasty. Chance of rejection is less.

Paediatric Keratoplasty

Cornea transplant in children is a high-risk surgery as compared to adult.
It is indicated in diseases such as congenital corneal dystrophy, trauma or infection.
Post-operative monitoring is difficult especially for younger age.
Graft rejection rate is high.


Keratoprotheiss is the artificial cornea transplant.
It is an option for patient with multiple failed corneal transplant or with poor ocular surface such as chemical burn and some autoimmune diseases.
The opacified cornea is replaced by an clear artificial cornea.



港島西聯網 眼角膜移植服務

首宗角膜移植於1994年在港島西聯網東華醫院完成。現在大部分手術均在瑪麗醫院和葛量洪醫院進行,每年有大約30宗角膜移植手術。 港島西聯網 眼科服務是專科轉介中心, 患者主要由普通科門診、專科門診、急症室或私人診所的醫生轉介。 我們與醫院管理局眼庫緊密合作,致力為病人提供眼角膜移植服務。
角膜移植將捐贈者清澈的角膜替換患者病變角膜的一種手術。 手術有助於恢復視力,減少眼睛疼痛和改善眼睛的外觀。 角膜移植的類型包括穿透性角膜移植術,板層角膜移植術,內皮角膜移植術,兒童角膜移植術和人工角膜移植術。 它們可以在局部或全身麻醉下進行。


這是角膜移植的常規方法,手術涉及角膜的全厚度替換, 它用於影響角膜多層的疾病,例如角膜瘢痕, 新的角膜以極幼的手術線縫合,固定在適當的位置上。 手術後,可能需要六個月或更長時間恢復視覺。


板層角膜移植適用於僅影響角膜前部的疾病,例如角膜瘢痕,錐形角膜或角膜變性。 手術中只有角膜的前部被移除,並用捐贈的角膜替換。 由於角膜的後層保持完整, 因此術中和術後併發症,例如虹膜和晶狀體損傷,角膜移植排斥和繼發性內皮功能障礙的機率較小。 手術在技術上非常嚴格,可能無法完成。 在這種情況下需要轉換成常規的穿透性角膜移植術。


這種手術僅替換角膜的內皮層。 它適用於角膜內皮細胞衰竭的疾病,如Fuch內皮營養不良或大皰性角膜病變。 手術後復完較快,視覺效果優於穿透性角膜移植術。 排斥機會較少。


與成人相比,兒童角膜移植是一種高風險手術。 適用於先天性角膜營養不良,創傷或感染的患者,手術後的監測較為困難,特別是年齡較小的兒童,移植排斥率較高。


人工角膜移植術適用於多次移植失敗或角膜表層質素欠佳的患者, 例如化學燒傷和一些自身免疫性疾病。 手術植入透明的人工角膜,以取代病人混濁的角膜。