TWH nurse celebrates birthday with HA!

“It’s amazing that the Hospital Authority and I share the same date of birth and now I work for HA – my chosen career as a nurse was clearly destined to be!”

Born at Prince of Wales Hospital on 1 December 1990, Lau Ho-fung has worked as a registered nurse in the medicine department in Tung Wah Hospital (TWH) for just over a year. She expresses great enthusiasm about her job and great respect for her colleagues. “The doctors here don’t put on airs or graces, the senior nurses are willing to teach new recruits and the healthcare assistants are very helpful.”

As a relative newcomer, Ho-fung says that she doesn’t yet have one standout memory. However, she says she clearly remembers a case of having to deal with unhappy or upset members of patients’ families as these are emotional moments. “It happened when two Healthcare Assistants making casual remarks about another colleague when helping a patient to clean her body. The patient however misunderstood that the healthcare workers were blaming on her. As such, she felt very upset and lodged a complaint to the hospital.” Ho-fung found out the truth and explained to the patient and eventually settled the case. This incident inspired her that good communication is important as open and honest dialogues can always resolve misunderstanding.

As to why she wanted to become a nurse, she says “ nurse can let you witness the start and end of life as well as everything in-between and is the first people to welcome newborns into the world, and take care those who are coming to the end of their life’s journey. Thus, I think nursing is a very meaningful job”.

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