Doctor’s birthday wish: benefit from more manpower

“Although I have only been working for the Hospital Authority for about 18 months, the team spirit and sense of responsibility among my colleagues are very impressive. Regardless of position, all of us work together wholeheartedly to provide our best care to patients.” Dr Isaac Li works in the Department of Medicine & Geriatrics at Tuen Mun Hospital (TMH) and is just a couple of weeks older than HA.

Dr Li has also worked in the surgical and orthopaedics departments, but he finally chose the medicine as his area of specialty. “The correct medications may help patients in the acute phase and in the long run. I am delighted to see those chronically ill regaining their health and quality of life from our treatment.”

Dr Li’s most cherished memory in HA is when he received a thank-you card from the relative of a terminal cancer patient. “The patient was admitted to acute medical ward for deterioration in general conditions and refused eating for few days. I suggested giving milk via a feeding tube to provide her adequate nutrition,” he says. “Her family initially rejected the idea, but I spent some time explaining the pros and cons and they eventually agreed our plan. The patient’s conditions improved and she was later taken over by oncology colleague to continue treatment at the hospice ward to fight against her cancer.” Dr Li adds that this experience taught him the importance of effective communication between doctors and the families of patients.

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