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  Partners support new Smart Patient Website section

The Smart Patient Website (SPW)(www.smartpatient.ha.org.hk) has become very popular among patients. In fact, it has recorded more than two million hits since it was launched by Health InfoWorld (HIW) in May last year.

Less than a year down the road and soon after the start of 2010, HIW added another new feature to this authoritative and informative Website: a section entitled SPMind. This is a platform for patients to share their experiences to encourage other patients to face their illnesses courageously and positively. During the "Thanks the Partners Ceremony cum the Launch of 'SPMind' of Smart Patient Website" event held on 26 January, our CE, Mr Shane Solomon, expressed his gratitude to all partners who contributed to the development and enhancement of the SPW while Dr SV Lo, our Director (Strategy & Planning), thanked all of SPW's partners — including patient self-help groups, volunteers, non-governmental organisations, medical advisors, SPMind guests and colleagues from different clusters — for their support.

SPW Ambassadors helped to promote the Website in seven hospitals.


With so many great partners supporting it, we're sure the SPW will make even greater advances and help more patients to become smart patients.


Sharing their stories on SPMind, from left: Dr WM Ko, Chairman of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society; Mrs Eliza Leung, Honorary Associate Director of the Sau Po Centre on Ageing of the University of Hong Kong; and Mr Siu Kwok-wah, an RTHK host.