An infinite passion

The compassion and dedication of our colleagues is boundless. This year, 19 individuals and 10 teams have been presented with the Outstanding Staff & Teams and Young Achievers Award. These accolades remind us how, even with limited resources, our colleagues have infinite love and creativity to do their best for patients.

Winners range from doctors, nurses, allied health professionals to back-office and supporting staff. What they have in common is their ability to make the seemingly impossible possible and to light up the lives of individual patients. There is the story of an elderly man with severe coronary disease who was brought back from the brink and reunited with his family for the Lantern Festival. Then there are stories of the premature baby girl and the patient with a spinal condition who lived healthy lives after delicate operations. And the story of the ward ceiling that was decorated with a painting of a blue sky to bring sunshine into the lives of patients. During the peak of the epidemic when the accident and emergency departments were full of patients waiting for admission, our colleagues exerted every effort to coordinate and no patient was ever forgotten. Colleagues rallied around and worked together more closely than ever to overcome every obstacle and show their infinite dedication and compassion for patients.

Let’s applaud the winners and take inspiration from their remarkable and heartwarming stories.
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