It’s OK – A gesture that says our wish

The common ‘OK’ hand gesture is exceptionally meaningful to our healthcare workers in fighting against COVID-19.

Hong Kong has been struck by successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. The struggle has been long and hard, but it has also built up our competence to carry on and prepare for the next battle. We have deployed strategic and systemic anti-pandemic plans with intelligence. We have drawn on insights of our predecessors into the past, and we have addressed the challenges of the pandemic with technological innovations. The ‘OK’ gesture is more than just ‘all right’. It in fact signifies our commitment to fight for zero infection, with the wisdom acquired as we go forth.

At the Hospital Authority, we remain united, steadfast and professional to stand firm against the pandemic and safeguard the health of Hong Kong people. We will continue to fight COVID-19 with courage and the belief that, together, we shall overcome it.
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