International Classification of Diseases

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) compiled by World Health Organization (WHO) is used to classify diseases and code diagnoses. In Hong Kong, ICD-9 (the 9th Revision of ICD) and ICD-10 (the 10th Revision of ICD) are commonly used to code malignant cancer cases. For the sake of consistency, those primarily based on ICD-9 are converted to grouped ICD-10 codes.

With increasing emphases on unifying the cancer grouping and terminology, HKCaR has revised a new cancer grouping with the collaboration of the Government Department of Health. The purpose of the table is to group the sites that are treated as a single site / group when disseminating cancer statistics to the public in most circumstances.

In this page, you may search the cancer sites or groups and the corresponding (grouped) ICD-10 / ICD-9 diagnosis codes. E.g. if you want to know the ICD codes for breast cancer, then simply type "breast" in the search engine below.

ICD-10 diagnosis code ICD-9 diagnosis code Cancer site / group
C00-97 140-208 All sites
C00-97 (except C44) 140-208 (except 173) All sites except non-melanoma skin
Lip, oral cavity and pharynx
C00-14 140-149 Lip, oral cavity and pharynx
C00-14 (except C11) 140-149 (except 147) Lip, oral cavity and pharynx except nasopharynx
C00 140 Lip, vermilion
C01-02 141 Tongue
C03-06 143-145 Oral cavity
C07-08 142 Salivary glands
C09-10 146 Tonsil, oropharynx
C11 147 Nasopharynx
C12, C13 148 Hypopharynx
C14 149 Pharynx, other and ill-defined sites
Digestive organs
C15-26 150-159 Digestive organs
C15 150 Oesophagus
C16 151 Stomach
C17 152 Small intestine
C18-21 153-154 Colorectum
C18 153 Colon
C19-21 154 Rectum / Anus
C22 155 Liver
C23-24 156 Gallbladder and extrahepatic bile duct
C25 157 Pancreas
Respiratory system
C30-39 160-165 Respiratory system
C30-31 160 Nasal cavity, middle ear and accessory sinuses
C32 161 Larynx
C33-34 162 Trachea, bronchus and lung
C37-38 163-164 Thymus / other thoracic organs
Bone, skin and soft tissue
C40-49 (except C48) 170-173,176 Bone, skin, mesothelial and soft tissue
C40-41, C47, C49 170,171 Bone and soft tissue
C40-41 170 Bone and cartilage
C43 172 Melanoma of skin
C44 173 Non-melanoma skin
C45 N/A Mesothelioma
C47, C49 171 Connective and soft tissue
C46 176 Kaposi's sarcoma
Breast and genital organs
C50 174-175 Breast
C51-58 179-184 Female genital organs
C51-52, C57.7-57.9 184 Vagina, vulva / other female genital organs
C53 180 Cervix uteri
C54 182 Corpus uteri
C55 179 Uterus and unspecified
C56, C57.0-57.4 183 Ovary etc. (Include ovaries, fallopian tubes and ovarian ligaments etc.)
C48.1, C48.2, C48.8, C56, C57.0 158,183 Ovary and peritoneum (Include ovaries, fallopian tubes and peritoneum excluding sarcomas)
C58 181 Placenta
C60-63 185-187 Male genital organs
C60, C63 187 Penis / other male genital organs
C61 185 Prostate
C62 186 Testis
Urinary organs
C64-68 188-189 Urinary organs
C64-66, C68 189 Kidney and other urinary organs except bladder
C67 188 Bladder
Eye, brain and other central nervous system, endocrine glands
C69-75 190-194 Eye, brain and other central nervous system, endocrine glands
C69 190 Eye
C70-72, C75.1, C75.2, C75.3 191-192, 194.3, 194.4 Brain and other central nervous system (Include brain, spinal cord, meninges, cranial nerves, pituitary gland and pineal gland)
C70-72 191-192 Brain and nervous system
C73 193 Thyroid gland
C74-75 194 Other endocrine glands
Lymphatic and haematopoietic tissue
C81-95 200-208 Lymphoid and haematopoietic tissue
C81 201 Hodgkin lymphoma
C82-85 200,202 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
C90 203 Multiple myeloma
C91-95 204-208 Leukaemia

Note: Cancer related diagnosis codes not listed above are grouped into "Other and unspecified".

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