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Services Charges

Public Charges Eligible Persons Non-Eligible Persons
Accident & Emergency $180 per attendance $1,230 per attendance
In-patient (general beds) Admission Fee $75, Maintenance fee $120 per day $5,100 per day
(Deposit $51,000)
In-patient (psychiatric beds) $100 per day $5,100 per day
(Deposit $51,000)
Intensive care ward / unit $24,400 per day
(Deposit $51,000)
High dependency ward / unit ˇ@ $13,650 per day
(Deposit $51,000)
Nursery ˇ@ $1,340 per day
Specialist out-patient
(including Allied health services)
First attendance $135, $80 per subsequent attendance,
$15 per drug item(N8)
$1,190 per attendance
General out-patient $50 per attendance $445 per attendance
Dressing & Injection $19 per attendance $100 per attendance
Geriatric day hospital $60 per attendance $1,960 per attendance
Psychiatric day hospital $60 per attendance $1,260 per attendance
Rehabilitation day hospital $55 per attendance $1,320 per attendance
Community nursing service (general) $80 per visit $535 per visit
Community nursing service (Psychiatric) Free $1,550 per visit
Community allied health services $80 per treatment $1,730 per visit

Private Charges Fees (HKD) Deposit (HKD)
Private Ward ( 1st Class) $6,650 per day 100,000 ˇV 292,000
(based on category of operations)
Intensive Care Unit $15,350 per day 100,000 ˇV 292,000
(based on category of operations)
High Dependency Unit $9,500 per day 100,000 ˇV 292,000
(based on category of operations)
Nursery 1,190 per day
In-patient consultation $680 ˇV $2,780 per visit per specialty
Out-patient consultation

First consultation Per attendance $790 - $2,210

Subsequent Follow-up consultation Per attendance $640 - $1,990

1. ˇ§Eligible Personsˇ¨ refers to :-
(a) holders of Hong Kong Identity Card issued under the Registration of Persons Ordinance (Chapter 177), except those who obtained their Hong Kong Identity Card by virtue of a previous permission to land or remain in Hong Kong granted to them and such permission has expired or ceased to be valid;
(b) Children who are Hong Kong residents and under 11 years of age; or
(c) Other persons approved by the Chief Executive of Hospital Authority.

2. Hospital Maintenance fee for children under 12 years of age at public ward is half of that for adults. All other fees are the same as those for adults.

3. Hospital Maintenance fee for private ward patients includes charges for general nursing, core pathology investigations, catering and domestic services. Doctor fees & other services are charged separately.

4. Inter-ward Transfer
(a) A patient transferring at his/her own request from one class of accommodation to another will pay the maintenance fees appropriate to the type of ward/unit and/or bed from the date of transfer.
(b) A patient transferring at his/her own request to a private ward from a public ward or a special accommodation ward will pay all doctor fee, medication, treatment, investigation, and operation fees at the private charge rates, from the original date of admission to the hospital, unless the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority or the Hospital Governing Committee directs otherwise.

5. For social assistance, please contact the Medical Social Workers (Tel: 2689 2020) at G/F, Block A.

6. For payment, please approach the Accounts Office, G/F, Block A during office hours. Payment can be made by cash, EPS, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay Card, JCB), electronic wallets (Alipay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, WeChat Pay HK), Octopus or cheque payable to "Hospital Authority".

Please make payment at the Accident and Emergency Registration Counter of the hospitals when the Accounts Office is closed. You can also make payment at hospitalˇ¦s electronic kiosks by Octopus, credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or electronic wallets (Alipay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, WeChat Pay HK). The maximum amounts per transaction for electronic kiosks payments are HK$3,000 and HK$1,000 for Octopus and credit card respectively. Alternatively, you can make payment via HA Go, PPS, Internet Banking, ATM, cash payment at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Hong Kong, or to send a crossed cheque, bank draft or cashier order made payable to "Hospital Authority" by post.

7. Office Hours:
8:15am - 9:00pm (Mon - Sat)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Sun & Public Holidays)

8. Drug item covers duration up to 16 weeks. Prescriptions are charged in multiple of 16 weeks at $15 per item.

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18 Jun 2017