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Hip Fracture Care App

Hip Fracture Care App

This app provides information about hip fracture care including "Understanding Hip Fracture", " Hip Fracture Care", "Training" and "Companion". In addition, physiotherapists can set notification for training program and the app will send alerts to prompt users to start the training in accordance with the setting. Patients can then complete the training and save the record in the app. Physiotherapists can monitor patient training status in the app.

(Note: This app is currently being promoted in New Territories East Cluster(NTEC)¡¦s hospitals including the Prince of Wales Hospital(PWH), Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital (AHNH), Tai Po Hospital(TPH) , North District Hospital(NDH) and Shatin Hospital (SH). The user interface and content is only available in Chinese.)

For enquiries, please contact the Physiotherapy Department of our hospital.

Scan the below ¡¥QR code¡¦ to download the app, or search ¡§Æb°·³q¡¨ in ¡¥iOS¡¦ / ¡¥Android¡¦ App Store.

iPhone / iPad version:

IOS QR code to download app

Android version:

Android QR code to download app