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Special Features

The mission of AHNH is to provide good quality holistic healthcare with competency, efficiency, compassionate Christian love and community partnership. In accordance with these aims, the Hospital has incorporated new technologies and concepts in hospital services into its physical design and operational systems.

  1. Therapeutic Environment
    To provide a safe physical environment, the design and lay-out of the Hospital is patient-focused. Psycho-architecture concepts have been incorporated. The Hospital has made full use of the impact of natural environment, sunlight, inspirational artwork, enlivening colour, on the body sensory perception to facilitate patients' recuperation.

  2. Contributing to a Green Environment
    The Hospital has incorporated energy efficient measures in capital works project, being the first hospital in Hong Kong to install the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generating System in collaboration with the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited. The system utilizes renewable landfill gas to generate electricity by an onsite generator. The waste heat is reclaimed to provide hot water and steam supplies for showering, sterilizing medical equipment, cooking and doing the laundry.

  3. Holistic Approach to Care
    The Hospital adopts the traditional total-person approach in healthcare, treating all patients with compassionate care and love. Clinical pastoral care with psycho-spiritual support is provided by its chaplaincy service to cater for the needs of our Care-Partners such as relatives or carers of the patients. The Hospital has introduced new facilities and services which include Interview Room for Relatives in CCMU; Waiting Room outside Operating Theatre; Quiet(Prayer) Room, Chapel, Requiem (in Mortuary).
  4. Service Network
    AHNH is an integral part of the New Territories East Cluster (NTEC) hospitals. The Hospital works closely with Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH), North District Hospital (NDH) and Tai Po Hospital (TPH) in the provision of tertiary, secondary and convalescent services respectively. It also collaborates with Department of Health, United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCNCHS), non-governmental organisations, local community and volunteer groups and the private practitioners in Tai Po as partners in developing community health care services.

    In September 2017, AHNH and TPH formed the Community Relations Committee, aiming to enhance the relationship and mutual understanding between the hospitals and the Tai Po community, promote a positive image of the hospitals, organize health-related activities for community participation, and to encourage community stakeholders to share their views on the hospital services.
  5. Nethersole Culture
    "Caring Since 1887", Nethersole has inherited a culture which cares for its patients and staff, and their families. The culture also empowers its staff to work innovatively and effectively in harmonious teams despite resource constraints.