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Core Values

  1. Caring Culture G Enliven the love, tenderness, sensitivity and concern of Christ for people while delivering wholistic care for patients and their carers.
  2. Value-added Management G Utilise scarce resources effectively and efficiently in a responsible and outcome-focused manner; managing change with innovation.
  3. Empowered Team G Build up a harmonious team with mutual trust, common vision, shared values and open communication.
  4. Quality Worklife G Respect every staff as an individual, empower them as a team, and develop all in a positive working environment for self-actualisation while achieving organisation goals.
  5. Therapeutic HealthScape G Create a safe, comfortable and inspiring physical environment conducive to recuperation.
  6. Community Orientation G Promote and practise the concept of "Hospital without walls" through establishing a health care service of the Community, for the Community, by the Community.