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Stoma Care App

Stoma Care App

The app provides information on stoma care, including "understand your stoma", "stoma care", "daily life" and "companion". Users can also enter personal stoma data and related information. In addition, users can set up reminders in the programme on personal care. The programme will issue automatic alerts according to the set-up.

Scan the below ¡¥QR code¡¦ to download the app, or search ¡§Stoma Care App¡¨, ¡§NDH¡¨ or ¡§PWH¡¨ in ¡¥iOS¡¦ / ¡¥Android¡¦ App Store.

iPhone / iPad version:

IOS QR code to download app

Android version:

Android QR code to download app

The content of the App is in Chinese.

For enquiries, please contact our stoma care nurses.