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DM Care App

DM Care App

A new mobile application DM Care is now available for diabetes patients. Content includes ¡§blood glucose record¡¨, ¡§understanding diabetes¡¨, ¡§useful tips for carers¡¨ and ¡§companions¡¨. With the app, patients can chart and monitor blood glucose level, and in turn control the disease and maintain a healthy diet. They will also receive reminders from the app when it is time to measure blood glucose level, take medicines and visit the doctor.

The app also provides useful information and educational videos which help patients with their disease management and carers to learn caring skills.

Scan the below ¡¥QR code¡¦ to download the app, or search ¡§DM care¡¨ in ¡¥iOS¡¦ / ¡¥Android¡¦ App Store.

iPhone / iPad version:

IOS QR code to download app

Android version:

Android QR code to download app

The content of the App is in Chinese.

For enquiries, please contact the diabetes centres of the Prince of Wales Hospital, Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital and the North District Hospital