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Pharmacy service is considered as an integral part of the provision of primary and secondary healthcare service with responsibilities and accountabilities for therapeutic appropriateness. Patient is placed as the foremost concern over the drug and disease state. The patient can be expected to luxuriate in a rational drug regimen with the greatest therapeutic efficacy and lowest potential risk and cost.

The services of Department of Pharmacy include clinical pharmacy service to specified wards, e.g. Adult ICU, Paediatric & Neonatal ICU, Haematology & Oncology wards, Medical & Surgical Admission wards, drug information service, clinical trial service, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) service and cytotoxic reconstitution service. Of utmost importance is the role that pharmacist plays in maximizing patient benefits and yet recognizing the importance of cost containment in drug usage. It is the aim to extend pharmacy service to all other units upon available resources.

Furthermore, innovative projects are well developed by using available computer technology, such as Medication Order Entry, Bar Code Ward Stock Topping Up System, and the Pharmacy Management System. Pharmacy Department has a manpower of 35 clinical pharmacists, 2 chief dispensers, 14 senior dispensers and 42 dispensers who can give full support to the ongoing clinical and operational service. Our ultimate goal is to ensure safe, effective and rational use of drugs which translates into better clinical outcome of our patients.


William CM CHUI
Clinical Stream Coordinator (Pharmacy)
HKW Cluster, HA


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