Department of Occupational Therapy

Department Manager: Ms. Mary CHU
Telephone No.: 2255 5511
Location Queen Mary Hospital  Physical unit on ground floor, block E 
Psychiatric unit at J3 
David Trench Rehabilitation Centre   9B Bonham Road Physical unit on 3/F
Psychiatric unit on 4/F 

Occupational Therapy is a link to productive living. Occupational therapists are committed to helping those who have acute or chronic disorders resulting from trauma or illnesses to maximize their functional capabilities or to adapt their environment in order to facilitate them to resume their life roles as soon as possible.

Our Vision

All our clients shall lead the meaningful life of their choice.

Our Mission

We empower our clients to return to their valued life roles at home, work and leisure by making the best use of their functional capabilities.

Our Service

The Occupational Therapy Service was first established in Hong Kong in 1953 at Queen Mary Hospital. Currently, we are providing a comprehensive range of services for in-patients, day-patients and out-patients. In-patient services are mainly provided at Queen Mary Hospital, while out-patient and day-patient services are mainly provided at David Trench Rehabilitation Centre. Our services include:-