Urology Service


Urology Nursing Service in Queen Mary Hospital


Catheter Care

Provide consultation service to cluster hospitals/ SOPCs/ GOPCs for difficult urethral insertion, first change of suprapubic catheter, percutaneous nephrostomy care, clean intermittent self catheterization and mitrofanoff catheterization care.


Continence Rehabilitation Program after Radical Prostatectomy

Develop a concrete continence rehabilitation program for patients after radical prostatectomy in order to

  1. promote early continence regain;
  2. better quality of life;
  3. minimize financial burden; and
  4. shorten hospitalization.


Clinical Pathway of Acute Retention of Urine

Set up the clinical pathway of acute retention of urine (AROU) in 2012 with the collaboration with AED, urologists and central nursing division. Eligible patients presented with AROU after urethral catheterization at AED can be directly discharged. Patients are referred to urology nursing service for weaning off urethral catheter after taken 3-day alpha blocker medication. A standard protocol will be carried out at urology nurse-led clinic so that the patient is not necessary to stay in hospital with an urethral catheter in place.

In order to empower patients' ability to self-care of their urethral catheter at home, (1) a video shooting on how to care the catheter, (2) education pamphlet on urethral catheter care and (3) hotline for any queries are provided.





Urology Service at ND4 Urology Centre of Queen Mary Hospital


Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) Service

Provide ESWL service not only for HKWC patients but also for KWH, OLMH, PYNEH and UCH patients in every weekdays except Tuesday for maintenance checking of lithotripsy machine.


Video Urodynamic Study (VUD)

Provide VUD service to both paediatric and adult urology patients of QMH. All patients are well-prepared before they proceed to the study by staff of ND4.


Transrectal Ultrasound of Prostate with Biopsy

Transrectal ultrasound of prostate with biopsy is carried out every Wednesday at ND4 by urologist but assisted with urology nurses. Patients are required to have bowel preparation and antibiotics regime before proceed the procedure.

A detailed information on how to carry out the procedure will be given by the nurse of urology centre so as to gain co-operation from the patients beforehand.

After the procedure, patients are all reminded on the importance of completion of antibiotics according to the protocol in order to minimize the chance of urosepsis. A telephone hotline is given to patients for any enquiry of problems encountered at home related to prostate biopsy. On the top we'll provide 2-day telephone follow-up during office hour so as to minimize emergency admission or unnecessary hospitalization.