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The Liver Transplant Centre


About Us

The first successful liver transplant was performed at Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) in 1991. Living donor liver transplantation for paediatric patients was succeeded in 1993. Then we pioneered its application to adult patients using a left lobe graft in 1994 and a right lobe graft in 1996 respectively under high urgency situation. Live donor liver transplantation is a high risk operation but it provides life-saving options for desperately ill patients in the face of severe scarcity of deceased donor liver grafts. In July, 2003, the Division of Liver transplantation of QMH officially became the designated Liver Transplant Centre in Hong Kong. The Liver Transplant Centre was established in October, 2011.

By the end of 2018, a total of 1407 liver transplants have been performed for 150 paediatric and 1257 adult recipients. The overall 1-year, 3-year and 5-year survival rates were 93.0%, 88.1% and 85.7% respectively. For live donor liver transplant, the rates were 93.9%, 89.4% and 86.8% respectively. For deceased donor liver transplant, they were 91.8%, 86.5% and 84.4% respectively.

Location :
Ward: K16S     Contact Phone No.: 22553838


Team Staff

Director: Prof. Chung-Mau LO

Deputy Director: Associate Prof. Siu-Ho CHOK

Department Operations Manager: Ms. Florence Yeuk-Ching TANG

Ward Manager: Ms. Tak-Na HUI

Executive Manager: Ms. Banny Ka-Yiu LAM

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Dr. Theresa Wan-Chun HUI
Dr. Kevin Shing LO

Clinical Psychology:
Ms. Lina Yuen-Fan WU
Ms. Brenda Sui-Bik LAM

Prof. Ching-Lung LAI
Prof. Man-Fung YUEN
Dr. James Yan-Yue FUNG

Intensive Care Medicine:
Dr. Wai-Ming CHAN

Liver transplant coordinator:
Ms. Annie Pui-Yan CHIK
Ms. Wai-Yi HO
Ms. Yuen-Man KWAN

Prof. Kwok-Yung YUEN

Microvascular Surgery:
Dr. Jimmy Yu-Wai CHAN
Dr. Velda Ling-Yu CHOW
Dr. Lawrence Hin-Lun LIU
Dr. Raymond Wai-Man NG

Dr. Nai-Shun TSOI

Paediatric Surgery:
Prof. Paul Kwong-Hang TAM
Dr. Patrick Ho-Yu CHUNG

Prof. Irene Oi-Lin NG
Dr. Tony Wai-Hung SHEK

Dr. Tina Poy-Wing LAM
Dr. Wendy Wai-Man LAM

Transplantation & Immunogenetics:
Dr. Janette Siu-Yin KWOK

Transplant Surgery:
Prof. Chung-Mau LO
Dr. Kin-Pan Au
Dr. Albert Chi-Yan CHAN
Dr. Miu-Yee CHAN
Dr. Siu-Ho CHOK
Dr. Ka-Wan CHU
Dr. Wing-Chiu DAI
Dr. Ka-Wing MA
Dr. Wong-Hoi SHE
Dr. Sui-Ling SIN
Dr. Tiffany Cho-Lam WONG



Date Events
5 October, 1991 First successful human liver transplant
28 September, 1993 First paediatric live donor liver transplant
22 June, 1994 First combined liver and kidney transplant
12 July, 1994 First adult live donor liver transplant using left liver graft
10 May, 1996 World’s first adult live donor liver transplant using right liver graft
4 June, 1998 First ABO incompatible liver transplant
16 January, 2000 Asia first split liver transplant to two adults
19 February, 2004 First sequential liver transplant
1 March, 2004 First combined liver and small bowel transplant
13 January, 2009 First donor interchange live donor liver transplant
20 August, 2010 First combined heart-liver transplant
10 November, 2013 First auxiliary liver transplant
1 October, 2014 First relay liver transplant
20 July, 2015 First dual right and left liver grafts live donor liver transplant
10 May, 2016 Asia’s first combined liver transplant and aortic valve replacement

Statistic Achievement


Research & Publication

Research Activities
  • Living donor liver transplantation using right lobe graft with inclusion of middle hepatic vein
  • Clinical implications of small for size graft in right lobe living donor liver transplantation
  • Liver transplantation for acute-on-chronic liver failure
  • Use of monotherapy antiviral medication for post-transplant prophylaxis against HBV recurrence
  • Salvage liver transplantation for recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Prevention and management of biliary complications after living donor liver transplantation
  • Role of high intensity focused ultrasound as bridging treatment for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma enlisted for liver transplantation
  • Rescue living donor liver transplantation for post-hepatectomy liver failure
  • Long-term outcomes and quality of life of living liver donors
  • Randomized trial of hepaticojejunostomy versus duct-to-duct anastomosis in right lobe living donor liver transplantation
  • Prospective trial on sexual dysfunction of male adult recipients pre- and post-liver transplantation
  • A one-year prospective open label study of the safety and efficacy of Certican (everolimus)-based regimen in maintenance of liver transplant recipients



Education Corner


Potential Donor Evaluation

Compatible Blood group organ donation:

Fig. 1
Donor Blood Group Recipient Blood Group
O O / A / B / AB
A A / AB
B B / AB
Fig. 2

After reading through the liver donor information at education corner of this website , if you would like to help the intended recipient on a voluntary basis, please self evaluate by going through the following questions:

  1. Is your blood group compatible with intended recipient as illustrate on Fig 1 and Fig 2?
    ( If Yes, go to Q2. If No, go to X )
  2. Are you a carrier from hepatitis B, hepatitis C or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)?
    ( If No, go to Q3. If Yes, go to X )
  3. Is your age above 60 or under 18 years old?
    ( If No, go to Q4. If Yes, go to X )
  4. Do you have any chronic illnesses, e.g. heart diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc. that require medication(s) treatment?
    ( If No, go to Q5. If Yes, go to X )
  5. Do you have any psychological distress, e.g. anxiety, depression, etc. that require medication(s) treatment?
    ( If No, go to Q6. If Yes, go to X )
  6. Do you require regular intake of Chinese or Western medicines (exclusion of supplements e.g. vitamins, etc.)?
    ( If No, go to Q7. If Yes, go to X )
  7. Are you a heavy drinker that cannot quit drinking in pre-and post operative liver donation?
    ( If No, go to Q8. If Yes, go to X )
  8. Have you received any extensive upper abdominal surgery before?
    ( If No, go to Q9. If Yes, go to X )
  9. Are you pregnant or recent delivery within 3 months? (for female only)
    ( If No, go to Q10. If Yes, go to X )
  10. Does your family support your liver donation?
    ( If Yes, go to R. If No, go to X )

* R: You may be suitable for further assessment, for more details, please contact the hospital hotline Tel.: 22553838

* X: You are not suitable as potential liver donor, we thank you for your support in organ donation.


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