Admission and Hospitalisation

1. Admission Procedures

Patients should register at Hospital's Admission Office. The following documents are required during registration ĄG

i. Identification Documents:

Patient Status

Identification Documents

- Holder of H.K.I.D. Card

- H.K.I.D. Card/ Passport

- Child (under 11 years of age)

- H.K. Birth Certificate
- H.K.I.D. Card from father/ mother

- Spouse of a HKID Card Holder

- Marriage Certificate and
- H.K.I.D. Card from Spouse-
Valid travelling document (if necessary)

- Child (under 11 years of age) of a H.K.I.D. Card Holder

- Birth Certificate with father/ mother's name and
- H.K.I.D. Card from father or mother
- Valid travelling document (if necessary)

- H. A. Staff (serving/ retired) or his dependent

- H.A. 181/182
- H.K.I.D. Card

- Civil Servant/ Pensioner or his dependent

- G.F. 181
- T.R.Y. 447 / Pensioner Card
- H.K.I.D. Card

- Public Assistance Receiver

- P.A. Certificate
- H.K.I.D. Card

ii. Admission slip (for scheduled admission)