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Dr Tony Ko
The Hospital Authority (HA) has long valued its collaboration with the private sector in expanding h...
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PPP Programmes
Patient in Hospital Authority
General Outpatient Clinic Public Private Partnership Programme (GOPC PPP)  The General Outpatient Clinic Public-Private Partnership Programme (GOPC PPP) was launched by the Hospital Authority (HA) in mid-2014 in three pilot districts namely Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Tuen Mun with aims to provide choice to patients for receiving primary care services from the private sector, enhance patient access to primary care services, promote family doctor concept, help the HA manage demand for general outpatient service and foster the development of the territory-wide Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS)....>  Programme details

Project on Enhancing Radiological Investigation Services through Collaboration with the Private Sector (Radi Collaboration)  Radi Collaboration is a PPP project, piloted since May 2012, that provides CT and / or MRI services to cancer patients under the care of HA. Target patients are currently those suffering from colorectal cancer, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, lymphoma, head and neck cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, corpus uteri cancer, cervix cancer, sarcoma or germ cell tumor. Eligible patients under these cancer groups may, upon doctors’ referral, receive examinations from private service providers to facilitate treatment planning....>  Programme details

Cataract Surgeries Programme (CSP)  Noting the expanding aging population in Hong Kong, and in view of the steady increase in the number of cataract patients as well as a lengthening of waiting time to undertake cataract surgery in public hospitals over the past few years. Additional funding was earmarked by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2007 to implement a private-public partnership (PPP) pilot programme, named Cataract Surgeries Programme (CSP), to provide additional cataract surgeries to meet the growing service demand through a PPP delivery model....>  Programme details

Haemodialysis Public Private Partnership Programme (HD PPP)  Haemodialysis Public Private Partnership Programme is a new mode of haemodialysis service delivery to patients with end stage renal disease....>  Programme details

Patient Empowerment Programme (PEP)  To further enhance patients’ knowledge and ability in self-management of chronic diseases, the Hospital Authority (HA) collaborates with non-governmental organizations to launch the Patient Empowerment Programme (Programme). The objectives of the Programme are : (i) to enhance patients’ knowledge and ability in self-management of chronic diseases so as to prevent possible complications; (ii) further enhance primary care and disease prevention; (iii) enhance collaboration between the HA and partner organizations in the community on patient care. ...>  Programme details

Provision of Infirmary Service through Public-Private Partnership (Infirmary Service PPP)  With ageing of the Hong Kong population, an increasing need for long term care services is expected. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Government announced in his 2013 Policy Address that the Hospital Authority (HA) would explore other modes of co-operation with the private sector in order to strengthen the infirmary care services for public hospital patients....>  Programme details

Colon Assessment Public-Private Partnership Programme (Colon PPP)  To cater for the growing demand for colon assessment, the Hospital Authority (HA) has launched the Colon Assessment Public-Private Partnership Programme to provide subsidy to eligible patients to receive related services from private specialists. By utilizing the service capacity in private sector, the Programme will offer choices to patients so that they can receive colonoscopy and appropriate treatment as early as possible. ...>  Programme details

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