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Board of Studies
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The Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS) is a member of the Hosptial Authority Institute of Health Care. It evolved from the School of Post-basic Nursing Studies and was formally inaugurated in July 1995 with full support from the Chief Executive, Hospital Authority, who is also the President of the Institute.


As an integral part of a learning organisation, the Institute strives to elevate the standards and quality of nursing practice by facilitating the ongoing learning and personal development of all nursing staff employed within the Hospital Authority.


The Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies is committed to enhance the competencies of nurses and the quality of care through the provision of continuing nursing education for nurses in the Hospital Authority.


Nurses have been facing role evolution. They are expected to function, not only as competent practitioners, but also as care managers, health educators, client advocates, researchers and change agents.
It is important for nurses to continually acquire new knowledge and skills, analytic thinking and problem-solving abilities and personal integrity in order to fulfill their professional roles.
Continuing nursing education is the application of the principles of adult learning and lifelong education to facilitate nurses in acquiring/ enhancing the required competencies for effective functioning in the course of delivering healthcare services.


The objectives of the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies are to:
provide continuing nursing education programmes that are responsive to organization needs and meet competency requirements
develop tailor made education programmes to prepare nurses to meet the changing health are needs of their clients
provide opportunities for nurse to access programmes through a variety of media and flexible modes of programme delivery
facilitate cross-hospital and cross-cluster endeavours in training and development of nurses within HA, including the implementation of Continuing Nursing Education System in HA
collaborate and work in partnership with local and overseas institutions / universities in programmes delivery
advise on the accreditation and benchmarking of nursing education programmes with HA
promote evidence based practice to excel the quality of care
promote the culture of lifelong learning among nurses

Board of Studies

The Institute is governed by the Board of Studies, with the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority as its President and the Chief Manager (Nursing) / Chief Nurse Executive as the Chairman.

The Board of Studies steers the direction of continuing nursing education (CNE) and post-basic nursing education in HA in relation to contemporary patient care and professional development. It formulates strategies and policies on the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of CNE and post-basic education. It monitors and assures the quality of training programs, standards of teaching and assessment. It endorses assessment results and confers awards. It makes recommendations to Co-ordinating Committee (Nursing) (COC(N)) and IHC Management Committee on the matters related to CNE and post-basic nursing education.

Honorary Advisors

Local and overseas health care leaders have been invited as Advisors to provide their expert input on the academic and professional standards of the Institute's educational programmes.


Programme Development and Review Committee
With input from clinical departments and specialty experts, the Committee plans and reviews the curriculum design for continuing nursing education programmes.

Education Standard Committee
The committee monitors the implementation of the assessment policy and the overall standard of the specialty nursing certificate courses.

The Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Assessment / Advisory Panel with memberships from Nurse Manager(s) and Advanced Practice Nurse(s) / Nurse Specialist(s) advises hospitals and health professional societies / organizations on the implementation of CNE System in the Hospital Authority.

Education Programmes

Specialty Nursing Certificate Course
Enhancement Programmes
e-Learning Programmes

Special Features
Programmes are clinical focused, competency-based and geared towards corporate initiatives and service needs
Support corporate direction and sensitive to world trends in professional development
Corporate identity to liaise with external training providers/ institutions
Close liaisons with hospitals/ clinical departments in programme planning and organization to enhance central planning and coordination to optimize the use of training resources whilst facilitating cross-hospital and cross cluster endeavours in training and development of nurses
Provides continuing support to clusters in the development of Specialty Nursing Programmes to enhance nursing services development and improvement
Provides a platform for cross-fertilization and professional exchange for nurses within HA and beyond
Commissioned programmes facilitates the sourcing of expert speakers beyond HA
Collaborates and works in close partnership with local institutions / universities in programmes delivery to uphold her accreditability among the academic sectors, i.e. advanced standing / credit transfer
Continually develops credit bearing programs thus facilitates nurses to earn academic standing in their career advancement

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